EXPERIENCE Beginner, Good physical condition

LOCATION Plastira Lake, Karditsa


SEASON April-November

SPOKEN LANGUAGES Greek English German


Lake Plastira is located in the centre of Greece and the surrounding landscape is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. The artificial Lake Plastira or Lake Tavropou was created in 1959 with the completion of the dam of the river Tavropou. The road around the lake offers magnificent views. In this beautiful place we will enjoy activities with the best view. 

Day 1:
Arriving at the lake we make a short stop at the dam, an elegant arch that seems to embrace the huge volume of water of the lake, it is a beautiful spot to gaze at the lake, but also at the back side of the dam that dives to a depth of 83m, vertically between the rocks. We continue to Neochori, where we will check in at the Hotel. This is followed by lunch, free time and rest. Later we start the hike to Karagianni Ridge. A beautiful trail in a forest of fir and oak trees with the lake as a viewpoint. Then, we end up at the beautiful picturesque village of Belokomiti. On the way back we will have coffee on a beautiful balcony overlooking the sunset with an incredible view of the lake. In the evening have dinner and rest.

Day 2:
Breakfast and departure for the lake in order to enjoy a beautiful water kayaking trip in its turquoise and calm waters. On a coastal route in its fjords to Nyaga Island, we have the opportunity to gaze at the majestic Agrafa Mountains above the lake and see Herons, Waterfowl, River Ducks and several species of ducks, on the shores Cormorants and Waterbirds. The lake is also home to several species of fish, such as snapper, carp, perch, perch, flatfish, trout, bream and others. When we return to the beach we will engage in the most ancient sport in the world, what the ancients considered an art… archery. Then, we will visit the Neochori Botanical Garden, where on the ecological path we will see various species of endemic plants, medicinal plants, herbs as well as the “Small Artificial Lake” with freshwater fish. Here you can also buy varieties of seeds from various plants that thrive in different regions of Greece. This is followed by lunch, free time and rest. In the afternoon we will visit the village of Kalivia and have coffee at Pezoula Plaza. The evening has dinner and rest.

Day 3:
Breakfast and departure for Karitsa Dolopi which is one of the oldest villages of Nevropolis. Outside the village at 1400 meters dominates the monastery of Panagia Pelekiti. It is one of the most important post-Byzantine monuments. Its interior, filled with gates and natural domes from the rock in which it was hewn, is the one-room church of the Ascension of the Saviour with its impressive wood-carved gilded iconostasis and rare art hagiographies. To end the tour of the lake beautifully, we will visit the Winery of George Karamitros in Mesenikolas and take the aroma and taste of the local wine with us. In the vineyards of the village the local variety “Mavro Mesenikola” is cultivated, which together with the varieties “SIRACH” and “KARINIAN” gives the fine wine of superior quality. A tour of the vineyards and the underground cellar of the winery with the French oak barrels will convince you. The journey of the wine that starts in the vineyard does not end the moment it reaches the glass. If you close your eyes and let the images carried by its taste and aroma be born, you will understand that the journey continues. Lunch follows and return to Athens. 

  • Total activity: 7 hours on Saturday with 6 hours of hiking and 6 hours on Sunday with 5 hours of hiking
  • Price: 130€ per person (the price does NOT include accommodation)
  • For the cost of the hotel and the winery tour please contact us
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Minimum participation: 4 persons (if you are less, you can make a reservation request or contact us)
  • Meeting time: by appointment.
  • Transfer can be arranged (contact us)

  • Professional escorts
  • Liability insurance
  • Snack by kayaking tour
  • Special menu for gluten free eaters, vegans, vigans & pescetarians
  • Water
  • Baton
  • Photos
  • Information and Instructions
  • First Aid Kit

  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses, hat
  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Small backpack for your personal belongings
  • Hiking trousers
  • Hiking shoes 

Cancellation 5 days (or more) before the day of the activity – full refund

Cancellation between 4-2 days before the day of the

Cancellation 1 day before the day of the activity – no refund