EXPERIENCE Beginner to Experienced

LOCATION Limenaria, Thassos

DURATION 30′ 60′

SEASON All year round



Diving for children (Bubblemaker)

The  Bubblemaker  program presents scuba diving as an activity that allows children to get to know the underwater world. Under the close supervision of an instructor, participants swim around wearing shallow scuba diving devices in confined spaces by simply playing. At the end of the Bubblemaker program, the children receive a commemorative diploma, as well as a card along with photos and videos that make this experience unforgettable.

Diving for Beginner Divers (Discover Scuba)

The Discover Scuba Diving  program  introduces people to scuba diving in a highly supervised and relaxing way. It dispels common misconceptions about scuba diving by allowing people to try it. Under the guidance of professionals, young divers learn basic safety concepts, wear equipment and swim underwater around a supervised environment. After testing in scuba diving, many young divers may decide to repeat the experience. If not immediately, in other cases or in different areas. Others will choose to pursue a degree by enrolling in a Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver program.

Diving for advanced divers

We organize daily day and night diving for certified scuba divers, in the best diving areas of the area with the specially designed 9 meter diving boat that we have. Friendly cheerful people are ready to welcome you and serve you.

  • Price: Diving From 1 to 5 times, 50/ 60 €
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  • Meeting time by appointment 

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