It all starts with the quality and purity of the raw material

In today’s world, it’s all in the details, which is why Finix Adventures has created its own eco-friendly and organic garden. Here, vegetables, fruits and herbs are grown with love and care. Colours and aromas of our land that celebrate Greek tradition, nature and the authentic flavours of the village. 

100% Bio

Treatment of the Land

Every year there is a traditional ground treatment to manage plant residues from the previous crop and to control weeds. Ploughing causes ground mixing and aeration.

Organic compost

Then important is the reinforcement of the ground which is made only of natural organic materials. I use manure from my horse, ashes from my fireplace, sawdust from the logs we chop in the summer, organic waste (from fruits, vegetables, coffee, eggs, etc.) and straw.

Natural healthy & delicious

The result is irresistible. Organic products provide more vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients in smaller amounts of food. In addition, they have a rich taste, a strong aroma and make us nostalgic for the village where we grew up.

Local and traditional

We create handmade traditional products with love and passion using organic raw materials from the mountains with fruits, nuts and herbs of every season.

Snacks and meals

Meals are part of the identity of a place and complement the fine experience in all activities. They are raw materials and products of our own production combined with ingredients from local producers and traditional recipes of the region.

Agrafa Mountains are famous for their traditional pies, yeast bread, honey and soft cheese. 

On the island of Thassos we taste the Greek village salad with olive Throumba, pine honey, Thassos feta cheese and the famous walnut.